Terra Civil Engineering - Civil Engineering Design & CONSULTING


Our engineers' experience in roadway design includes the preparation of many aspects of the roadway drawings and sheets such as plan and profile, cross-sections, drainage structures, utilities coordination, and cut and fill calculations, quantities book, maintenance of traffic plans, drainage report and calculations. They are familiar with the FDOT Plans Preparation Manual and the Standards and Specifications for Roadway and Bridge Construction. They have worked on many airport projects including Kendall Executive Airport, MIA and Homestead General Aviation Airport.


Our engineers have designed numerous commercial developments in South Florida. This includes Wal-Mart Stores, various Hotels, Discount Auto Parts, Walgreens, Restaurants, and Retail Centers. They are experienced with the development requirements of the different commercial corporations. They have represented the client in public hearings before city councils and committees for site plan and zoning variances approval.


Our engineers have been in charge of various residential land development projects. They experience ranges from the land division and platting to the complete infrastructure design and permitting. It includes preparing and permitting tentative and final plats, writing of legal descriptions, site plan layout, water distribution systems, sewer collection/transmission systems, paving, grading and drainage systems, cost estimates and evelopment
bonds, pump stations, and canal culverts. They are very knowledgeable of the permitting requirements, design standards and specifications of the Miami-Dade County Public Works Department, South Florida Water Management District, DERM Water Control Section, DERM Water Supply and Wastewater Section and the Miami-Dade County HRS.

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Our engineers have managed and designed various institutional projects including hospitals, schools, and detention centers. They are familiar with the Department of Education and the Miami-Dade County School Board requirements, design criteria’s and specifications. They understand the design, permitting, and construction process for a school project in Miami-Dade County.