Sunset Harbor Garage

One Miami Condominium

​​​​Blue Condominium

420 Lincoln Road Garage

Miami Children Hospital 

Loews Hotel - Miami Beach

Transal Logistics Center

Privata Las Olas

​​institutional developments

Regal South Beach Cinema & Parking Garage

​​Residential developments

1000 17St. Building

​​>>>>>> retail, hotels and parking garages <<<<<<

​Proud to Help Build South Florida

Terra Civil Engineering - Civil Engineering Design & CONSULTING

2100 South Miami Av.

Pinecrest - 10915 SW 62 Av.

​​>>>>>> Schools, hospitals, Parks and governmemt<<<<<<

Crandon Park

27 East Dilido Dr.

Key Biscayne - 130 Knollwood Dr.

19 Palm Avenue

Brownsville Elderly Home

​​>>>>>> single family homes <<<<<<

COMMERCIAL developments

Carillon - Miami Beach

​​>>>>>> condominiuns <<<<<<

J.W. Marriot & Barclay's Financial Center

FIU Residence Hall

27 Star Island

Meridian Apartment